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We like to think that what we do and the costumes that we create are pretty newsworthy. Fortunately it seems that others do too. Since we started our costume revolution in 2009, we've received some amazing media coverage from some of the largest media outlets in the world. A selection of our favourites is below. For a more extensive list visit our Morph Costumes - In the Press page.


The Daily Telegraph - June 2015

MorphCostumes set to stretch its reach beyond spandex bodysuits.

The company behind the popular Morphsuits is eyeing a bigger slice of the $6bn fancy dress market...

Get West London - May 2015

Power Rangers GO for world record attempt.

MorphCostumes help 393 achieve world record attempt for largest gathering of people dressed as Power Rangers at Twickenham Stadium...

The Scotsman - May 2015

Shortlist revealed for DigiTech Award.

SCOTLAND’S vibrant digital technology sector is reflected in the record number of entries for the DigiTech Awards 2015, with well-known names and start-ups making today’s shortlist...

PWC Private Business Insights - April 2015

Private Business Insights: Morphsuits - a global phenomenon in the fancy dress world.

As part of a series of Private Business insights, we asked Morphsuits, a previous Private Business Awards nominee, what sparked their business idea and how important innovation and export has been in building their brand and driving their success...

Time - April 2015

The Best April Fools’ Pranks of 2015..

For April Fools, we’ll be updating the following list of 2015 pranks all day so you can make sure you don’t fall for any of them...

NBC News - Today - December 2014

Digitally animated ugly Christmas sweaters bring the kitsch to a new level.

December is a time for reminiscing, eggnog and ugly Christmas sweater parties. It can be hard to out-ugly your coworker with the glittery Rudolph sweater -- but an animated Rudolph sweater just might make you the centre of the soiree.

Gizmodo - October 2014

Smartphones Turn These Masks Into Incredible Animated Halloween Costumes.

Proving that sometimes all it takes is a popular YouTube video to kickstart a successful business, Mark Rober, the guy who made the gaping hole in your gut costume using two iPads a few years ago, is back with even more easy but impressive costume ideas.

Today - October 2014

8 ghoulish gadgets to decorate your home for Halloween.

Nothing gets me more excited than horror movie marathons, haunted houses, costume contests and, of, course decorating with Halloween gadgets. Here are some choice spooky selections to help you celebrate one of my absolute favourite holidays

Channel 4 - September 2014

Bigger than Amazon and eBay, Alibaba set to float.

China's e-commerce behemoth Alibaba handles most of the country's online shopping. As it is joins the US stock market, it has set its sights on expansion in the USA and Europe.

BBC - August 2014

Morphsuit makers adopt new brand identity..

The makers of the all-in-one spandex morphsuit have announced a change in strategic direction by adopting a new brand identity and expanding their costume range...

The Daily Telegraph - August 2014

Why it’s worth investing in product development..

Ready to take your growing business to the next level? Make sure you’re giving your products the attention (and money) they deserve...

Mashable - May 2014

Improv Everywhere Participants Handcuffed After Prank Goes Awry

An Improv Everywhere prank at a Manhattan Gap store earlier this month featured some unexpected players after a manager called police to report a flash mob. Participants entered the store's Fifth Avenue location wearing white Morphsuits underneath Gap-style clothing to imitate mannequins

Buzzfeed - April 2014

This Years 20 Best April Fools PR Pranks.

It’s that time of year where marketeers have spent hours sat in brainstorms in an attempt to bash out the best ideas that will get the most column inches, shares, likes, retweets and favourites on just one day, April Fools Day. Here are some of the best from 2014.

Herald Scotland - February 2014

Morphsuits makers sign Marvel deal.

THE makers of Morphsuits have reached a multi-million-pound deal with Marvel Super Heroes for fancy dress costumes that interact with smartphones to show special effects.

BDaily - March 2014

What do NASA and Spiderman have in common? Morphsuits, and their new wearable technology.

Wander into any city centre in the UK on a Saturday night or any fancy dress party and you’re likely to see one. Morphsuits - head-to-toe, brightly coloured tight spandex costumes - are synonymous with fun...

The Guardian - December 2013

How Morphsuits thrives on Facebook marketing, Google Adwords, and a mobile app.

Morphsuits sells spandex party costumes that make you look like anything from a superhero to a ghoulish skeleton – and the company's naturally strong imagery makes it a perfect fit for social media marketing.

Huffington Post - December 2013

Christmas 2013: How Morphsuits Grew To Take On Ugly Christmas Jumpers.

Entrepreneurs always try to take on tradition, and now the three Edinburgh entrepreneurs behind the spandex bodysuit brand Morphsuits have set the Christmas jumper in their sights.

Channel 5 The Gadget Show - December 2013

Insane wearables: The crazy tech you can put on!.

Last Halloween, ex-NASA scientist Mark Rober quit his day job after making a YouTube hit video that showcased his Halloween costume, which makes it look like you have a hole in your chest with an animation on your smartphone.

Daily Mail - October 2013

The world's most expensive Morphsuit!.

£1m all-in-one costume is covered with 20,000 diamonds

WIRED - August 2013

Mark Rober left Nasa to make awesome wearable tech Halloween costumes.

On 21 August, former Nasa engineer and now Halloween costume designer Mark Rober flew into London from Los Angeles....

The Observer - August 2012

The men behind the morphsuit.

It started out as a hilarious prank at a stag-do and has morphed into a million-pound fancy-dress phenomenon. Tom Lamont mets the three Scotsmen who have given the world the mighty morphsuit...